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alanna bass


Social Graphics, Websites, Printed Collateral, Presentation Design

As someone who has a keen eye for design and what looks good, I've had a lot of fun creating websites for clients and graphics for their social media accounts. I can also create designs for printed collateral like business cards, flyers, and advertisements.


In addition to digitally based collateral, I can also design modern and streamlined presentations for your next big meeting. You can view some of my work here

Some of my favorite projects include, the #Fab50 campaign or Werkin,  custom collages for Nudest, and graphics for Collective: A DEI Lab. You can check them out to the right 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾.

Past and present clients include:​


  • Ceremony DC

  • The Africa Narrative

  • For the Culture

  • Cha McCoy

  • IndigoPony NYC 

  • Africa House International

  • aKoma Media

  • Corporate Council on Africa

  • Africa Tourism Association

  • My Brother's Keeper (Small Business Administration Initiative) 

If you need help creating a stunning website or promoting your business with eye-catching graphics, contact me today. 

Custom graphics to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots


I created custom collages and GIF for a color-matching tech firm based in NYC. All make-up swatches were photographed and then placed into the collage via Photoshop.


Collective is a Diversity & Inclusion consulting firm based in Brooklyn. NY. I created graphics for a campaign and also create various assets for meetings and promotional purposes. 

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