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alanna bass


Been Around the World...Aye Aye Aye

I consider myself a global citizen that loves traveling around the world. Thanks to my work with aKoma Media, I've found myself in Africa almost three times year. Countries I've visited include Kenya (3x), Rwanda (3x), Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia. 

In addition to my work travels, I've been to London, Barcelona, Nice, Paris, The Bahamas and Tarragona. I hope to be able to check out the following places soon: 

  • Morrocoo

  • Namibia

  • Uganda

  • Vietnam

  • Scotland

  • Czech Republic

  • Brazil

  • India

To view more of my travel snaps, check out my gallery or my instagram. 


Living out my wildest dreams on the coast of Tarragona, Spain: an ancient Roman port. 


Visiting the Giraffe Centre in Karen -- I even fed one with my mouth!


A food and culture filled trip to the city of lights for my friend's 30th birthday. 

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